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A Plantalist is someone who thrives on living off plants and by doing so, helps improve the state of the planet.


Plantalist is a UK platform founded to help you explore a new world of plant-based recipe content and sustainable living inspiration through our global network of influential creators. You don’t have to be a vegan to join us; our mission is to make plant-based eating accessible and relevant to everyone around the globe and by doing so, have a positive impact on the planet. As part of this, we are reshaping how people consume food online.


Plantalist was founded in 2019 by the team behind No Logo Media in partnership with the influencers the company represents. We have experience in investment banking, start-ups, influencer marketing and content creation. We are artists, writers and business people. We are globally dispersed with our head quarters in the UK.


Plantalist marketplace is a specialist platform for influencer marketing. We help brands and creators in the sustainable wellness space partner together to make impactful campaigns.


We love what we do. We feel alive, relevant, impactful and ready for the next stage of our journey. We want you to feel the same. Join us as a creator here and leave us feedback here.

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