Craig and Aimee Bannister (Kinging It)


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We are Craig and Aimee, from South Wales, UK. After Aimee was diagnosed with Cancer at 18 and Craig broke his neck shortly after by a freak accident, 
we decided life really is too short. We love to give ourselves travel challenges throw us into some mad country with an even madder vehicle and you’ll find us having the best time possible.
 Our mantra is Rule Your Own World - we only get one life and it’s YOURS to chose how to live it - make it count. We've been documenting our world travels since 2014 & recently ramped up our challenges: 2018: We drove a 1.2 litre fiat panda to Russia on the Mongol Rally 2019: We bought a rickshaw in India and travelled from the North to the South 2020: Converted a bus we bought off Ebay, into our tiny home of wheels - with absolutely zero experience

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